A Join Code is the way you share access to or join Topics or Groups. Each Group or Topic has a unique Join Code that's automatically made when the Group or Topic is created. The Join Code is typically a combination of characters, like a602dd7e or https://flipgrid.com/a602dd7e that lets you create join links or QR codes for your members.

Sharing my Group and Topics with a Join Code

  1. Login to your admin account at admin.flipgrid.com.
  2. Select the Group you would like to share.
  3. Select the hyperlink on the top mceclip4.png to directly copy the Join Code or Select the mceclip0.png share button to find your Join Link and Code, as well as other ways to share your Group or Topic.


Join Code or Link

Flipgrid works on any device! 

  • PCs, Macs, & Chromebooks - Visit flipgrid.com. Group admins share the Join Code for members to enter on the homepage.
  • iPads, iPhones, & Androids - Download the free Flipgrid app for iOS or Android. Group lead shares the Join Code for members to enter in the app. 

The Join Code also creates a link. For example, the Join Code a602dd7e can also be accessed by the link https://flipgrid.com/a602dd7e. Copy/paste the link in emails, texts, social media, Google Classroom, or other websites to invite your community to join! 

Scan a QR Code

You can download/print QR codes for members to scan. The Flipgrid app and flipgrid.com offers a QR scanner on the homepage.

PRO TIP: QR codes generated for username login customized for each username. Scanning a username QR code will automatically enter the Join Code and the username that you assigned to them. 


Should I share the Join Code for my Topic or my Group?

Groups help organize Topics together and share them. You can share all the Topics in a Group using a Group Join Code or Link. Share a single Topic using the Topic Join Code or Link. 


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