Views: why are there so many views on my videos?

Are your members demonstrating exemplary engagement on Flipgrid? The View Count is one metric to help you gauge your community's investment in learning with and from one another (Social Learning!).

A view is counted immediately after someone opens the video as well as when someone scrolls past the video using the mobile app. If you have 30 members with 30 videos, you can quickly reach 900 total views. The view count is reflective of only those you have allowed access to in Flipgrid (which you set when you create a Topic or Group).

If you do not want your members to see the view count on videos, you can turn this off in Topic settings.

Turn off view count

  1. Log in to your Educator account.
  2. Navigate to the Topic on the dashboard page.
  3. Click the Edit button (the pencil)
  4. Click on Settings mceclip0.png
  5. Expand the menu Responses
  6. Toggle-off View Count



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