Canvas LTI Integration - Uninstall

If the integration isn't working, and it's difficult to determine what went wrong with the installation, we recommend deleting the integration and starting from scratch - it won't take long!

  1. Open your Canvas Course, as the teacher
  2. Click Settings on the left, and then select Apps at the top
  3. Click View App Configurations, to the right of the 'External Apps' heading
  4. Click the settings cogwheel for each instance of 'Flipgrid' in the list, and click Delete

Existing Assignments that are connected to Flipgrid will stop working, so members can't submit new videos and you will no longer be able to grade submissions in SpeedGrader. Points for previously graded submissions will still show in the Gradebook, however, and other Canvas content will not be affected. Furthermore, the videos that had been submitted will still remain in your Flipgrid account.

In other words: we won't be able to fix the connection between existing Canvas Assignments and Flipgrid, but these steps are to ensure future Assignments work correctly with Flipgrid. Once this is complete, please integrate Flipgrid into Canvas again by following our detailed guide closely.

If there's no option to delete the configuration:

Someone else - e.g. your IT department, administrator, or school district - installed the integration for you, which is also why you're experiencing issues as the technology only works when individual leads install the integration themselves. Please contact the person that installed the integration, and ask them to remove it for you.



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