Novice Flipgrid educators need your guidance! Grab your gear and earn our highest certification: Flipgrid #GridGuide! 

The steps to becoming a Level 3 Flipgrid Certified #GridGuide:

  1. Use Flipgrid with your learning community for at least six months.

  2. Earn your Flipgrid Certified Educator Level 1 + Level 2 badge.

  3. Complete the Discover the Discovery Library Course on the Microsoft Educator Center.
    Note: you'll need to create a free Microsoft account to complete the quiz at the end (you can use the same login you created for the Levels 1 or 2 course). 

  4. Post at least ten Topics in the Discovery Library. Be sure to include Topic resources, media and detailed integration notes! Allow 48 hours for your Topics to be reviewed and approved by our team.

  5. Create a collection of 10 Topic (can be your own, but at least 5 should be from others). 

  6. Share your voice as a #GridGuide by posting on the Level 3: Flipgrid Certified #GridGuide Topic
    Link your collection on the video.

  7. Once you have completed the steps above, email jboyce@flipgrid.com from the email address tied to your Flipgrid educator account with a link to your Discovery Library Collection!


Once complete you are officially a Flipgrid #GridGuide and have achieved our highest Flipgrid certification!

You will receive your badge and we will point educators in your direction as they're exploring the world of Flipgrid. Wear your badge with pride and share your Flipgrid ideas with all! 

Thank you for supporting and guiding your peers in the Flipgrid educator community!

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