Cover Image - Customize your Video Thumbnail

Flipgrid offers creative ways for you to choose a cover photo for your video.

Auto Cover Image

When you are about to submit your video, Flipgrid will automatically choose the best frame of your video as the cover image.


Select a Frame

Choose a different frame from your video to use for your cover image.

  1. Choose the Select frame option
  2. Drag the blue cursor to the frame that you would like to use
  3. Select Confirm 


Manual Selfie

A manual selfie allows you to take a picture on the spot.

  1. Select Take selfie
  2. Press the white circle to take your picture
  3. Select Confirm 


Upload a Photo 

  1. Select Upload photo
  2. Drop an image file on the screen or click to browse 
  3. Select Confirm


Add a Nametag

Flipgrid receives the member's name directly from your Microsoft or Google account. To change the default, you would need to edit your settings in your Google or Microsoft account. Flipgrid does allow the name to be edited each time you submit a video by editing in the Display Name field. 

  1. Select Add nametag
  2. Select the font and colors for your nametag
  3. Select Confirm


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