How to moderate text comments

Topic Moderation allows you to review and approve each video and text comment before they get shared with the whole Group. Topic Moderation hides both video Responses, video comments, and text comments until (and only if) you decided to activate the content.

Turning on Topic Moderation

  1. Go to your Lead Dashboard at 
  2. Within Groups, create a new Topic or navigate to an existing Topic and click on More options mceclip0.pngand then Edit Topic
  3. Click on Settings mceclip1.png
  4. Turn on Approve member activity mceclip2.png
  5. Click Create or Update Topic to save your changes
Note: Any videos and comments that were submitted before changing your approval settings will remain visible to members until you hide the content. All new videos and comments will be hidden upon submission.


Approving and activating text comments

  1. From Groups, navigate to the Topic
  2. Select the Response with the comments
  3. Change the comment status from Hidden to Active




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