Create member portfolios with Mixtapes!

Mixtapes provide Group leads with a way to share a compilation of video responses with friends, family, and other communities! By combining Mixtapes with the member list feature, it's now easier than ever to make portfolios for your Group members! 

🔊Select the videos submitted by your Group member to add to the Mixtape.
🔊Set the order you want the video Responses to play.
🔊 MixTapes are view-only and can be shared anywhere. Leads can add an optional password.
🔊Your community can Follow your Mixtapes and receive an email when new videos are added.

Add videos by a member to a Mixtape

  1. Go to your Educator dashboard and select the Groups tab to open a Group. 
  2. Select the Members tab to view a list of members
  3. Select the member name to view a list of their videos 
  4. Select the checkbox next to the video Responses you'd like to add to the Mixtape
  5. Go to Actions in the top right of the table and select Add to Mixtape
  6. Create a new Mixtape or add to an existing one
      • Note: Setting a password is highly recommended for securing access. 
  7. Share the Mixtape link.



Learn more about customizing your Mixtape here.

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