Shorts: Add titles, search, and share!

Shorts allows you to create enriching videos for school, work, and life to share beyond your Topics! Once you have created a Shorts video, you can share it on Google Classroom, Teams, Remind, Twitter or via link anywhere. This feature is only available to Educators.

Step 1: Create a Short

  1. Log into your Admin dashboard
  2. Navigate to Shorts via the menu along the top of your dashboard
  3. Select +Short
  4. Customize your video by adding filters, overlay photos, frames, emojis, lenses, music etc.
  5. Select Next
  6. Optional: Edit, trim, or Add more your video.
  7. Select Next

Step 2: Cover Photo & Add a Title

  1. Select your cover photo by either Select frame, Take selfie or Upload photo
  2. Add an optional Title
  3. Select Confirm

Step 3: Share your Shorts!

  1. Copy your short's link 
  2. Or share it via QR code, Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, Remind or Twitter!

Add Titles to your Pre-existing Shorts

You have the ability to add Titles to your pre-existing Shorts if there wasn't one before. 


  1. From your Shorts dashboard, select Add a Title on the Short you want to edit
  2. You will be directed to the Edit section 
  3. Add a title to your Shorts video
  4. Select Update

Search Your Shorts Library

Do you have a lot of Shorts? We have made it easier to search through your long list of Shorts. 

  1. Head to the search bar on the top right
  2. Type in words that would match a title you have in your library

Download Your Shorts Video

You can also download a copy of each Shorts video!

  1. From your Shorts dashboard, open the video you wish to download
  2. Click the blue Share button below the playback screen
  3. Click Download Video (the cloud with a blue 'down' arrow) in the pop-up - see screenshot below


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