Private comments to members

Leads can post comments publicly to share with all members, or privately for more personal feedback to just the member that posted the video. Members can view private and public comments if they join the discussion via email, username, or Google Classroom.

How to switch between public and private comments

  • Go to the video you want to comment on
  • Before posting the comment: to the right of the text field, click on Public/Private to switch between the two options from the dropdown
  • After posting the comment: to the right of the comment, select More options options.png and then Set as Public/Private
  • This setting will apply to both the video and text parts of the comment

comment-lead.jpg    comment-lead-after.JPG

Additional notes

  • Leads can also hide or activate any comments.
  • Co-leads can leave private comments, and see private comments from other group owners.
  • Leads won't be able to leave private comments in Canvas groups.

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