Timestamps: Add a Timestamp in a Text comment or Topic Description

Add a timestamp in a text comment to a response video or for a Flipgrid topic focus video in the topic description. This is a great way for calling out key points in your video for instructions to jump right into!

Timestamps for Text Comments 


1. Select the response video that you would like to leave a reply to

2. Scroll to the comment section of the response video

3. Type the timestamp that you would like to call out a key point ex) 0:11

4. Select the Send to submit

5. Your comment and timestamp will appear in the comment section

When a viewer selects the timestamp, they will automatically be taken to that time in the video.



Timestamps for Topic Descriptions


1. Go to the Topics tab.

2. Select +Topic or go to an existing Topic.

3. Add a Title.

4. In your topic description (Prompt), write the time you would like to mention your key points ex) 0:03

5. Optional Settings: Topic Status, Scheduled Status, Recording Time, Comments, Closed Captions, Camera options, Response Options, Guest Password. 

7) Select Post or Update Topic.

When a viewer selects the timestamp in your topic description, they will automatically be taken to that time in the video.


  • Timestamps is currently only available on desktop but if you decide to leave a timestamp via mobile or iPad you will still be able to view the timestamp via desktop.
  • Duplicated Topics from the Discovery Library currently do not support timestamps. 

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