Camera : How to add music to your videos

Flipgrid wants to empower all creators to build even more engaging videos by expanding audio-related creativity - all from within the camera! Add instrumental music tracks directly from within the Flipgrid app to make your video more expressive, engaging and fun! For our camera-shy users, we hope we can make you feel more comfortable sharing your voice with the availability of light backdrop music.  

Web browser Mobile app

How to add music on the web browser   

1. Select Add a Response.

2. Select the record mceclip0.png button to capture your video

Note: You will not be able to add a track to an uploaded video.  

3. Once you are done recording your video, select Next blobid5.png.

4. Select the Add Music blobid2.png icon.

5. You have a selection of instrumental music ranging from: chilled, cinematic, energetic, fun, groovy, happy, inspiring, and sentimental. 


6. Select the play mceclip0.png icon beside the track to preview the track. 

7. Select the plus  mceclip2.png button to select the track for your video.

8. Your music will get loaded to the video and you will see an icon with the title of the track when successfully uploaded ex) mceclip4.png.

9. (a) Optional: To edit the volume of the track you added, change tracks, or remove the track, open the music drawer by selecting the icon with the title of the track icon mceclip4.png.

9. (b) Move the cursor to adjust the volume blobid3.png

9. (c) Select the Remove blobid4.png icon to remove the selected track.

10. Select the Next blobid5.png button to proceed to the submission step.

  • The track starts from the beginning of the video and editing is not available. If your video is longer than the track, the track will loop to fill the entire video.

  • If you leave the camera while the track is uploading, you will be prompted with a message if you would like to keep waiting or cancel the download and continue to cancel.

  • The following devices will be unable to support these effects: iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPad Aid, and iPad Mini 2.

  • Music is only available on the latest 2 versions of Chrome and Edge browsers. Music is not available on Safari and Firefox.

  • If you do not want music to be available to your community, visit Topic Settings > Camera and turn off Essentials.

  • After I add a track, can I make adjustments to the video? E.g. add more, trim, delete clips, rotate clips, etc.?  Yes. The track and volume you selected will automatically reapply to your video.

  • My video is taking a long time to upload, so I want to download my video with the track, and upload it again if necessary. Can I do that? Yes! You can download the video on the edit step (the step where you can trim, delete, and reorder clips) using the download button in the top right corner. If needed, you can open the camera and upload this file, which will include the track you applied. Note for web only: you will see this download button on the edit step only if your video is 1 clip.

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