Comments in Flipgrid

Everyone can contribute to the discussion by commenting on another member's video response to a topic.

Posting a comment on the video response

Commenting is the same for both leads and members.

  • Go to the video you want to comment on
  • Select the Record a comment button comment.png to record and post a video comment, or the Add a comment text field to leave a text comment.
  • By the way, you can even do both!



If the commenting feature is unavailable to you as a member, please check if your group lead has enabled it for the topic. Furthermore, the option to reply to a reply is not available yet.

Editing a text comment

For text comments only, you can click select More options options.png and then Edit Comment to change them. Similarly, you can select Delete Comment to remove a comment completely.

For video comments, you can't edit them; but you can delete one and post a new video comment instead.


Linking to a specific time in the video response

To give text comments some context, you can add a timestamp to reference a specific point of time in the video response, e.g. 1:23! Learn more.

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