Members: Edit response details

Leads and members can view and edit responses they've included in a video submission. This feature helps your lead manage your responses and lets you edit the descriptions and links after you've submitted a response. 


  • You can only edit descriptions or links. To make changes to a video, you or your lead will need to submit a new video.
  • To update a video or cover image, you or your lead will have to download the video, edit in another application like iMovie, and resubmit.
  • If a topic is moderated or set to “View only,” you won’t be able to edit your response details, but you can delete your response or ask your lead to edit the details.

How to edit response details

    1. Go to
    2. Click a Group or Topic.
    3. Find the video you submitted.
    4. Click More blobid0.pngand_then.png Edit response details.
    5. Update the description or link of your response.
    6. Click Save.

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