Notifications and Activity Feed

Leads and members now have access to a feed that stores activity from their groups and topics. This means you can respond or view activity from one place, with a single click. 


Depending on your user account, you’ll receive different notifications: 

User account Type of Notification When you click the notification
Lead and Member Topics: New Video Response Directs the user to the video reply in playback (deep link)
Lead New request to join Directs the lead to the group's members tab to review and approve or deny a user request
Lead A person joined your group Directs you to the group's members tab
Member Request to join approved Directs the member to the group page
Member Added to a group after being pre-approved Directs the member to the group page


Where to find the Activity Feed

Web Mobile
  1. Sign in to your account. 
  2. On the top right, select Notifications blobid0.png. 
  3. Your Activity feed will appear.

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