Camera keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts let you quickly access the main camera features and editing tools as you record. This means you can review your video as you toggle between different options and filters. 

Important: These options are currently only available on web. 


  • Switch between menus: Use the Tab key.
    • When you record a video, you can switch between menus like “Options Options.png , Record Camera_app_.png , Effects Effects__Wand_.png, Backdrop Backdrop.png, Next Forward_arrow.png, Show topic, and Add sticky note Note.png.”  
  • Select a menu: Use the Enter key. 
    • For example, use the Enter key to select "Record Camera_app_.png" and start recording. 
  • Switch between features within menus: Use the Left arrow key and the Right arrow key.
    • For example, switch between features within Effects Effects__Wand_.png, like Filter Filter.png, Text Text.png, Pen Pen.png, Board Board.png, Stickers Stickers.png, GIF Gif.png, Photo Photo.png, and Frame Frame.png. You can also select Filter Filter.png, and then use the Left arrow key and Right arrow key to switch through filters. 
  • Open the panel of Keyboard shortcuts: Use “^, <, >, or V.”
    • As a reminder and for quick access, you can always open the Keyboard shortcuts when you record a video. 


    • Start and stop while you record, play and pause while you review, or take a selfie: Use the Spacebar.
    • Close the camera: Use the Escape key.
      • This key lets you close the camera immediately.


    • Undo or redo addition of elements like stickers and text boxes: Use Ctrl + Z to undo and Ctrl + Y to redo.
      • Important: If you’d like to undo what you typed in a text box, you must click on that text box.
    • Delete stickers, GIFs, text, photo stickers, or ink on your camera screen: Use the Backspace key or Delete key.
      • After you select a sticker, GIF, or other items, you can delete them.
    • Move your elements in the camera screen: Use the Shift key + the Up arrow key, the Down arrow key, the Left arrow key, and the Right arrow key.

    • Resize your elements in the camera screen: Use <, ^, >, or v.

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